Princess Diana's Best Looks Replicated on 'The Crown'

Princess Diana's '80s and '90s style was recreated on Netflix's The Crown — including some of her most iconic looks

Elizabeth Debicki, Princess Diana
Photo: Netflix ; Jayne Fincher/Getty
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Princess Diana's Engagement Outfit

Emma Corrin; Princess Diana
Emma Corrin; Princess Diana. Des Willie/Netflix; Reginald Davis/Shutterstock

The Crown perfectly replicated Princess Diana's look for her engagement portraits with then Prince Charles. Actress Emma Corrin, who played the "People's Princess"during season 4, wore a blue suit over a white blouse featuring a tied neck.

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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

Emma Corrin; Princess Diana
Emma Corrin; Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Des Willie/Netflix; David Levenson/Getty Images

Corrin said everyone on set "went completely silent" when she stepped out in a replica of Princess Diana's wedding dress. Everything from the frilled lace to the embroidered sequins resembled the dress Diana wore on her big day.

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Princess Diana's Blue Dress

princess diana, prince charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles; Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor. Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Hulton Archive/Getty; Des Willie/Netflix

The Crown recreated Princess Diana and Prince Charles' looks for an episode featuring their 1983 tour of Australia.

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Princess Diana's Pink Polka Dot Dress

Princess Diana Emma Corrin
Princess Diana; Emma Corrin. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty;

This pink polka dot dress and matching fascinator calls for a royal double take!

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Princess Diana's Red-and-White Polka Dot Dress

Emma Corrin; Princess Diana
Emma Corrin; Princess Diana. Des Willie/Netflix; Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The Crown added a tiara and matching necklace to Princess Diana's red polka dot dress with spaghetti straps.

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Princess Diana's Strapless Dress and Scarf

Emma Corrin; Princess Diana
Emma Corrin; Princess Diana. Dean/; Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Princess Diana paired a strapless dress with a matching scarf — a combination also worn by Corrin's character in season 4.

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Princess Diana's One-Shoulder Dress

Emma Corrin; Princess Diana
Emma Corrin; Princess Diana. Des Willie/Netflix; Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

While not a direct replica, a one-shoulder dress was one of Princess Diana's go-to gown silhouettes.

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Princess Diana's Silk Banquet Gown

Diana, Princess of Wales wears a dress designed by Victor Edelstein to the Brooklyn Academy of Music to see the Welsh National Opera Gala production of 'Falstaff Emma Corrin The Crown
Princess Diana; Emma Corrin in The Crown. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty;

For a night out in New York City, Princess Diana sported a white silk gown in a sea of black.

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Princess Diana's School Drop-Off Outfit

Princess Diana at Prince William first day at Eton; Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki in scenes from 1995
Tom Wargacki/WireImage;

Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Diana in the final seasons of the show, looks uncanny in a shot from season 5. The actress wore a cerulean blue blazer over a black dress for a scene in which Princess Diana drops off a teenage Prince William at the elite Eton College.

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Princess Diana's Red Plaid Ensemble

Elizabeth Debicki, Princess Diana
Dean/Click News & Photos / SplashNews ; Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty

Debicki channeled the beloved royal again with a red plaid dress and red hat for a scene that appears to be recreating Princess Eugenie's royal christening. While the patterns of the dresses are slightly different, the look is very on par with Diana's early '90s style.

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Princess Diana's Tailored Red Dress

Elizabeth Debicki, Princess Diana
BACKGRID / ; Tim Graham Photo Library

While filming in Mallorca, Spain, Debicki was spotted in another red look — a sleek tailored dress with a belt that mirrored the dress Princess Diana wore during a 1997 visit to a hospital in Harrow, England.

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Princess Diana's "Revenge Dress"

Elizabeth Debicki, Princess Diana
Netflix ; Jayne Fincher/Getty

The Crown successfully recreated what is perhap's one of Princess Diana's most iconic looks, her "revenge dress." The royal wore the iconic off-the-shoulder, little black dress on the night Prince Charles confessed his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles during an interview. In season 5 of The Crown, Debicki wore an almost identical dress as well as a similar pearl necklace.

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Princess Diana's Pink Button-Down Top and Black Pants

Diana Princess of Wales walks through a village area of Sarajevo; This scene sees actress Elizabeth Debicki reprise her role as Princess Diana and recreates her trip to Bosnia in 1997
Princess Diana (L); Elizabeth Debicki in The Crown. Stefan Rousseau - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images; Joan Llado / GTres /

Debicki recreated Princess Diana's simple yet chic look during her 1997 trip to Bosnia, which took place shortly before her tragic death. The actress wore a pink button-down top, black pants and a black belt to mirror the effortless look.

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Princess Diana's Blazer and Jeans

EXCLUSIVE: The Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki who plays 'The People's Princess' - Diana is pictured on location filming scenes for the new Netflix series of 'The Crown' out in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. The outfit appears to be a replica of the outfit Princess Diana wore At Luanda Airport Angola At The Start Of Her Visit To Campaign With The Red Cross Against Landmines. Pictured: Elizabeth Debicki Ref: SPL5490493 021022 EXCLUSIVE Picture by: BACKGRID / Splash News and Pictures USA: +1 310-525-5808 London: +44 (0)20 8126 1009 Berlin: +49 175 3764 166 United Arab Emirates Rights, Australia Rights, Austria Rights, Canada Rights, Denmark Rights, Egypt Rights, Ireland Rights, Finland Rights, Germany Rights, Israel Rights, Jordan Rights, South Korea Rights, Lebanon Rights, Norway Rights, New Zealand Rights, Qatar Rights, Saudi Arabia Rights, South Africa Rights, Singapore Rights, Sweden Rights, Switzerland Rights, Thailand Rights, Turkey Rights, Taiwan Rights, United Kingdom Rights, United States of America Rights ; PA NEWS PHOTO 13/1/97: DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, ON HER ARRIVAL AT LUANDA AIRPORT, ANGOLA, WHERE SHE IS VISITING THE BRITISH RED CROSS MISSION AGAINST LAND MINES (Photo by John Stillwell - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
BACKGRID /; John Stillwell - PA Images/PA Images via Getty

In season 5, The Crown depicted Princess Diana's powerful speech during a 1997 visit to Angola, where Diana made history by walking across an active minefield to broadcast the call for an international ban on landmines. For the scene, Debicki mimicked Diana's blazer and jeans combination along with chunky gold earrings.

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