Carolyn Robb was the royal chef for Prince Charles and Princess Diana for more than 10 years

By Erin Hill
April 15, 2019 11:12 AM

Baby Sussex take note: Royal dad-to-be Prince Harry has a soft spot for sweets for breakfast!

Carolyn Robb, who was Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s royal chef, is opening up about the decade she spent with the royal couple and their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

“Harry loved treacle (golden syrup made from cane sugar) tart when he was tiny,” Robb told The Sunday Times. “I used to make them the size of a 50p piece for him. One morning, he came into the kitchen before breakfast and asked for one. I said, ‘I think you best check with Mummy.’ So off he went, scampering back a few minutes later with a note Princess Diana had written: ‘Mummy says it’s okay.’ Diana loved those boys, they were her priority.”

And as Harry is about to become a first-time dad, Robb says she thinks he’ll be “fantastic” at fatherhood.

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“Harry’s very caring and gentle. Even as a little boy, he’d always want to know how you were,” she says, adding: “But he’s also a lot of fun. There was mischief in there as well. I think he’ll be a fantastic father.”

Harry wasn’t the only royal with a sweet tooth. Robb says older brother William had a weakness for chocolate.

Georges De Keerle/Getty
Prince Charles and Princess Diana with sons, Prince William and Prince Harry
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“William adored chocolate biscuit cake and meringues,” says Robb. (William even had a chocolate biscuit cake served at his wedding to Kate Middleton!)

“They loved coming into the kitchen and backing – a piping bag full of meringue and a brother to aim it at. When they were at Eton and had access to a kitchen they’d come home on Sundays and want recipes for spaghetti bolognese or chicken Kiev. I’d put biscuit cake and flapjacks in their tuck boxes.”

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Robb also has fond memories of hanging out with Princess Diana in the kitchen and says she “often helped with the washing up.”

Tim Graham/Getty

“She came into the kitchen, kicked off her shoes, there was lots of laughing and joking, which was so typical of her. You felt instantly at ease,” Robb shares. “She was very easy to cook for and loved simple things: cold minted lamb, salads, shuffles, stuffed aubergine. She didn’t really have a sweet tooth.

“After they separated, I stayed with Charles until 2000. It was a tricky time. I wanted to do whatever I could to contribute any small comfort. Just to be there in the kitchen, when they boys would come in and out; we’d chat, have fun, and I’d make treats for them.”