Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images
February 20, 2017 11:26 AM

Mark your calendars for Princess Diana “day.”

On Tuesday The Diana Award, a charity that works to promote the leadership attributes of young people and highlight compassion and service to others, announced “National Kindness Day” in the U.K. for March 31.

The charity has set aside much of this 20th anniversary year since the princess’s tragic death to highlight her legacy. They are also holding a special ceremony in May to honor  young people from around the world who have been walking in “[Diana’s] shoes,” as charity chief executive Tessy Ojo told PEOPLE.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer will also host the young winners at an event at the family home, Althorp, the following month.

This is the third year running for National Kindness Day, and the charity hopes to log 20,000 tangible acts of kindness throughout the year on a microsite that will be launched soon.

“This year The Diana Award is encouraging people  from across the U.K. to do something kind for someone else in remembrance of Princess Diana to celebrate her values of compassion, kindness and service to others, irrespective of their culture, race or background,” the charity said in a statement.

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