Proof That Princess Charlotte Is the Queen's Ultimate Mini-Me

Royal twinning to the max!

Royal twinning to the max!

At 2 years old, Princess Charlotte is already giving us major Queen Elizabeth vibes. With the release of her birthday portrait on Monday, it’s clear that the littlest royal is taking after her great-grandmother — right down to their hair barrettes!

From their captivating gazes to their matching royal hairs part and their perfected poker faces, Charlotte has inherited the very best of the 91-year-old monarch.

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge/Getty; Popperfoto/Getty

It’s all in the eyes

Charlotte and her great-grandmother share the same striking eye structure – from their matching blue eyes to the arch of their eyebrows, there’s no questioning their resemblance.

Heir to the hair

While big brother Prince George sports adorable blonde locks (with the perfect side-part!), Charlotte has lovely light brown hair. Before her hair turned a regal shade of white, Queen Elizabeth’s hair was a very similar shade to her great-granddaughter’s.

For the love of cardigans

The little princess and the reigning monarch also share an appreciation for cardigans. Both wore matching pink sweaters for the Queen’s family portrait ahead of her 90th birthday last year.

Animal-friendly royals

It’s clear Charlotte already has a deep love for animals. She couldn’t get enough of a fluffy rabbit during a memorable playdate in Canada last September — and she wouldn’t leave the side of one very large dog named Mouse.

Queen Elizabeth has a longtime love of dogs – her fondness for corgis is legendary. And at 91, she still takes her beloved horses out for routine rides around the palace grounds.

We predict a royal trip to the petting zoo in their future!

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