Scary Puppet Alert! Princess Charlotte's Satirical Stand-In Is Even More Terrifying Than George's

Britain's Newzoids is back – this time with the little princess added to cast

Photo: Courtesy ITV.

Princess Charlotte is getting the scary puppet treatment.

The 1-year-old royal has followed big brother Prince George and parents Prince William and Princess Kate in being sent up on ITV’s satirical Newzoids, which kicks off its new season in September in the U.K.

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“Charlotte” is dressed in a pink look similar to the one the real-life princess wore in her first official portraits last year, albeit with far more hair and terrifying eyes. (Note to Newzoids: Kate’s eyes are green-brown, not blue!)

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The George puppet first appeared on the show last year, dressed in blue overalls and sporting a “G” medallion. Around the same time, the series creators debuted the William and Kate puppets in all their creepy glory.

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