The little royal takes after lots of her relatives – but a few features really stand out

By Diana Pearl
November 30, 2015 02:00 PM
Duchess of Cambridge

My, how you’ve grown, Princess Charlotte!

For the first time since her christening this past July, the public got a peek at the royal family’s newest member with two newly-released photographs of the six-month-old princess taken at her family’s country home, Amner Hall. In the photos, a smiling Charlotte wears a floral dress and a pink cardigan, and poses with a stuffed dog (sadly, not the family pup, Lupo!)

Of course, now that the little princess is a little bigger, there’s one burning question: Whom in her famous family does she take after? We analyzed the evidence – baby photos of her relatives to find out.

It’s obvious there’s plenty of her mom in there: She’s got those Middleton chestnut locks and brows! And although it’s a little early to know for sure, Let’s hope she inherited Princess Kate‘s luxuriously enviable volume, too.

Camera Press/Retna Ltd.

But when it comes to the eyes, it’s clear Charlotte is her father’s daughter. Those baby blues are all Prince William.

Tim Graham/Getty

She’s picked up a few traits from big brother Prince George, too. The signature “Cambridge cheeks”, not to mention the slightly sly smile that Charlotte’s mimicking in that first photo.

Prince George in April 2014
Marty Melville/Getty

Her cute little nose looks a lot like Grandpa Charles‘s at that age, too.

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty

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But perhaps it’s her late grandmother (and namesake) that Charlotte resembles the most. From those big blue eyes to the eerily-similar facial shape, there’s no doubt that Princess Diana lives on through her granddaughter.


She’s got a little bit of everyone, from Grandpa Charles to Brother George – but who in her family does Princess Charlotte look the most like? Sound off in the comments below!