Princess Charlene Shares Sweet Details About Christmas at the Palace with 4-Year-Old Twins

Of her children's presents, the royal mom says, "I've certainly trampled on some superheroes"

Princess Charlene of Monaco is opening up about her children’s recent Christmas.

Twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella “believe very strongly in Santa,” the royal mom, 40, shares in a new interview with French magazine Point de Vue, and the 4-year-olds “count the days until he comes down the chimney. They always leave a glass of milk and cookies for him, as well as water and grass for his reindeer.”

Charlene also says that her preschoolers may have indulged a little over the holidays: “I’m sure all moms, like me, have already experienced the consequences of [the children eating] too many sweets, the excess sugar and the excitement that comes with it.”

The South African-raised princess reveals that the family shared a private Christmas Mass in the palace’s intimate Palatine Chapel before a large meal. Christmas morning began with “the pounding of little feet, children eager to open their presents and the barking of dogs. We gather around the tree. My husband [Prince Albert], when he is with Jacques and Gabriella is at his happiest and he always wants to wear something festive for the occasion!”

HSH Princess Charlene/Facebook

Early evening, “we had a snack in front of the television while the kids played with their friends and cousins ​​with their presents” including “Marvel superheroes, Cinderella figurines, cars and … costumes. I’ve certainly trampled on some superheroes but I try to repair others too, find those the dogs have hidden or retrieve this Superman launched over the balcony to see, ‘if he can fly.’ It’s also necessary to reassemble some toys, which can take a little time and cause some impatient tears.” To calm these, the princess promises herself “to always be equipped with a toolbox, tape and extra-strong glue … and to try to understand why some things simply do not want to work!”

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert and their children Jacques and Gabriella in November. Arnold Jerocki/Getty

At the children’s bedtime prayers, “we think of children who do not have a mom or dad, or who do not get gifts for Christmas. Pray they will have some comfort. Then come hugs and kisses, and ‘goodnight, I love you.”

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

She tells the magazine she feels “blessed with two healthy children, who give me so much love and happiness. They are smart, well behaved and kind. They know what they want, they speak very well and understand many things. It’s hard to believe they’re already four!”

And the icing on the cake, she adds, is that they “love school.” The twins began attending classes in September and “Gabriella even gets up even on Saturdays because she wants to go and is very disappointed when told that there is no school that day.”

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