"They're so full of life," the royal mom says in a new interview

Royal 3-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco are stubborn, energetic and early to rise — according to their mom, Princess Charlene.

In a new interview with French magazine Point de Vue in honor of their 7th wedding anniversary on July 1, Charlene, 40, wife of Prince Albert, 60, discussed how her life has changed in recent years — mostly because of her little ones.

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert and their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, on June 23, 2018.
| Credit: Eric Mathon/Courtesy of Palais Princier

Seven years ago, Charlene married Albert in a three-day event that featured separate civil and cathedral services, fireworks, an elegant Armani gown, wedding portraits by Julian Lennon, celebrities, a public picnic for 3,000 and a concert by The Eagles.

But now, the African-born Olympic swimmer’s life is all about foundation work and her kids’ schedules.

Princess Gabriella sits on the lap of her mother, Princess Charlene, at a cultural event on the weekend of June 23 at the Place du Palais.
| Credit: Eric Mathon/Courtesy of Palais Princier

“There are mornings where they sleep a little later than usual and those where they wake up much earlier,” she said. “At age 3 1/2, they’re so full of life, to the point that they sometimes seem to me to have too much energy for their age.”

Now they’re out of the terrible twos, the bilingual brother and sister have surprised their parents by becoming the best of friends.

“We discover them even closer accomplices than we imagined,” Princess Charlene said. “Jacques is very reserved. He is sure of himself, but he likes to take his time doing things, to observe them, and no one can force him to do anything.”

Prince Jacques drives a truck at a traditional Monagasque event this past weekend, June 23 and 24.
| Credit: Eric Mathon/Courtesy of Palais Princier

On the other hand, “Gabriella, for her part, is not afraid of anything. With her it is always full steam ahead!”

Princess Gabriella of Monaco wearing a traditional Monegasque dress at a cultural event the weekend of June 23.
| Credit: Eric Mathon/Courtesy of Palais Princier

And clearly, their personalities complement each other: “Jacques is the love of Gabriella’s life. Neither Albert nor I can interfere in their relationship. Our children are very independent and always make decisions together. Sometimes they tell us no.”

The twins stand up to both their parents equally, Charlene adds: “In some cases, we wind up questioning ourselves if what we’re doing could be wrong. But Jacques and Gabriella are strong together, and we must accept it.”