Princess Beatrice's Not-So-Royal Salary Revealed in Sony Cyber Attack

The princess earns about $30,000 for her work as an intermediate coordinating producer

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty

While Britain’s Princess Beatrice may hang with celebrity pals like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, her reported salary is more fit for a commoner.

A recent cyber-security hack of Sony Pictures revealed that Beatrice, who is sixth in line to the throne, earns about $30,300 a year for her job as a U.K.-based “intermediate coordinating producer,” which she started in January, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The details about the 26-year-old royal’s work life were among nuggets gleaned from a massive cyber attack on Sony in November by an unknown group calling itself “Guardians of Peace.” It disclosed the salaries of more than 6,000 employees, as well as crucial information about upcoming films and passwords to email and other social media accounts, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The palace has never confirmed where Beatrice is employed and will not confirm her salary details. A spokesman tells PEOPLE, “Princess Beatrice continues to work full-time in the business sector.”

Though the pay may be small change for the princess, the break-in is a big deal at the movie studio, where five films, including Brad Pitt‘s latest war movie, Fury, were leaked online. The FBI is investigating, and Sony has hired a cyber-security firm to look into the hack, according to EW.

Reporting by SIMON PERRY

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