Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's only daughter said, “We all have to move on, but it’s important to remember.”

By Lanford Beard
June 10, 2021 10:47 AM
Princess Anee, Prince PHilip
Princess Anne, Prince Philip
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Princess Anne is stoically honoring her late father on what should have been a day of celebration.

Just two months since Prince Philip's death at age 99 on April 9, Anne discussed his legacy and his unique personality with ITV, in an interview that was released on Thursday, the day that would have been his 100th birthday.

"We all have to move on," Anne said, "but it's important to remember."

Anne's comments came as she presented The Royal Academy of Engineering special centenary award of The Prince Philip Medal - long planned to mark the Duke of Edinburgh's milestone birthday - to Virginia-based Dr. Gladys West.

As the first woman to receive the medal in its 30-year history, Dr. West was honored for her work modelling the earth's surface, which led to the development of GPS satellite positioning. Princess Anne noted her father would have found this work "particularly relevant" given his background as a Naval officer and navigator.

"There were not many people who understood just how broad his interests were and how supportive he was to an astonishingly wide range of organisations," she said in her interview. "He'd seen a lot of [life experience] across a really wide area of both work and industry and in academia."

She added, "He probably asked more questions than he gave opinions. He was always good at that."

Prince Philip grills with Princess Anne
Prince Philip grills with Princess Anne
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The princess, 70, also fondly looked back on her father's famous penchant for grilling and his ingenuity in equipping the family Land Rover with a trailer "designed specifically for that role. It was actually made by the engineer at Sandringham, but it was designed entirely for that purpose [of grilling] and everything had a place and you needed to know where that was…and then it worked, really well!"

The Funeral Of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh Is Held In Windsor
Prince Charles leads the funeral procession
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Nearly two months after Prince Philip's funeral on April 17, Anne was just one of many royal family members who shared tributes to the Mountbatten-Windsor patriarch, including Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who shared a beaming photo of the Duke Edinburgh.

Prince William and  Kate Middleton shared a new photo of Queen Elizabeth in the gardens of Windsor Castle, receiving a pink rose that was specially created to mark the Duke of Edinburgh's centenary.  

As for the 95-year-old Queen herself, she has planned to spend Thursday in private remembrance of her late husband who, according to her former press secretary Charles Anson, "took very seriously his role as a support for the Queen as monarch."