'Dad' ! Princes William and Harry Share Stories of 'Embarrassing Parent' Prince Charles

Even royals have embarrassing dads

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty

Not even a royal can escape an embarrassing parent.

Yes – just like the rest of us, Prince Charles jas made his sons Prince William and Prince Harry cringe.

In a new documentary, When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust, William and Harry get candid with Ant Dec, a British comedy duo who also serve as ambassadors for Prince Charles’s foundation, the Prince’s Trust. While the documentary isn’t set to air until January 4 in the U.K., Ant and Dec spoke about their chat with the princes in a interview with Event magazine (via The Daily Mail).

William and Harry told the pair all about their father’s “rabbiting on” – and his tendency to embarrass them during his visits back in their school days.

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One particular memory William shared involved a bit of laughter at his own expense. During a school production, the stage lights and effects started to go haywire – a conundrum that both Prince Charles and Prince Phillip couldn’t help but chuckle at.

Laughing “when things go wrong” runs in the family, William said, and was the cause of many blushes for a school-aged William and Harry.

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So is, it seems, poor penmanship. When Charles sits down to write a number of letters, his handwriting gets worse and worse as the day goes on. And when William and Harry finally receive said letters, the writing is so illegible they can’t tell whether they’re in trouble or being congratulated by their father.

Perhaps Charles should switch to email next time!

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