The Duke of Cambridge will be taking a 10-week course in agricultural management this January

December 30, 2013 03:00 PM
Leon Neal/Reuters/Landov

Last time he went to university, Prince William came away with his future wife and a degree in art history. But when he returns to school in January, he is likely to walk away with nothing more glamorous than a pair of rubber boots and a tractor license.

William, 31, has enrolled in a 10-week bespoke program in agricultural management at the University of Cambridge.

This will see him undertake a series of seminars, lectures and meetings in a bid to understand the issues faced by farming communities across the United Kingdom.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said William was “very much looking forward to it.”

“The executive education programme will draw on the strengths of academics across the university. It will start in early January and run until mid-March.”

Thankfully for William, he can fall back on the experience of his dad, Prince Charles, for advice.

The Prince of Wales is head of the Duchy of Cornwall, making him one of the U.K.’s largest farmers, with an income of 28.8 million ($47.5 million) in 2013 alone.

The Duchy estate has been providing heirs to the throne with an income since 1337. So it is clearly with one eye to the future that William is embarking on his farming course.

Country girl Kate would clearly approve!