The royal dad might be celebrating his 34th birthday today, but he's not too old to goof around on occasion

Credit: Adrian Dennis/PA Wire

Ever since we saw Prince William busting some hip-shaking moves in a grass skirt back in 2012, we knew the future heir to the throne had a (usually guarded) wild side.

So, on the occasion of his 34th birthday on Tuesday – which a source says he’ll be spending privately with his family after returning from a soccer match he’s attending tonight in France – we’re revisiting some of his more goofy, less princely ways:

The Force Is Strong in Him

A self-described “huge fan” of Star Wars, William grabbed a light saber (Luke Skywalker’s to be exact) and dueled with Prince Harry on a set visit to Pinewood Studios back in April. After his younger brother appeared to take the duel a little too seriously, William joked: “We can do this later outside!”

The Prince and the PlayStation

He might be juggling two jobs and two kids, but he manages to squeeze in a little chill time, too. The royal dad revealed that he was an “enthusiastic” gamer at a BAFTA event in 2013, while his revamped office at the East Anglian Air Ambulance is said to include a new PlayStation for him and his crewmates to use in between rescue missions.

He Eats Cake off Paper Plates

On a day out in the country in May, Princess Kate and William took their two children to the local horse trials, where they enjoyed the quintessentially British picnic combination of sandwiches and cake – off paper plates. Oh – and did we mention his favorite cake is a chocolate cookie refrigerator cake?

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He’s Got a Daredevil Streak

Although we typically see the prince being chauffeured to official events or driving in his Land Rover, he loves the thrill of motorcycles and owns a Ducati 1198S. Just don’t expect to see Kate or either of their small children riding on it any time soon. Admitting to feeling “terrified” when her husband goes out on his motorcycle, Kate revealed last year in Scotland, “I’m going to keep George off of it!”

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He’s a Dance Machine

While we’ve seen William get his groove on a few times in the past, he recently hinted that his moves are less than smooth. Attending the London 2016 Founders Forum event last week, he compared himself to a robot that clumsily keeled over while dancing to Pharrell Williams. “That s like me on a Saturday night!” he joked.