Flour 'Explosion': Prince William Says Charlotte & George Are 'Attacking' Kitchen in Quarantine

Prince William visited local bakery Smiths The Bakers, where he talked to the staff about the effects of coronavirus on their business

Duke of Cambridge
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Prince William is sharing the secret to keeping his children excited during self-isolation: baking!

On Friday, the royal dad of three visited a family-owned bakery, Smiths The Bakers, in nearby King's Lynn where he told the owners about his children's newfound love for time in the kitchen while self-isolating in their country home Anmer Hall during the coronavirus pandemic.

"The children have been attacking the kitchen and it’s just been an explosion of flour and chocolate everywhere," William said of his kids, Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Not only have the little ones been busy in the kitchen, but William also said he's "done a little bit of baking" and "Catherine's been doing quite a bit of baking."

Royal visit in Norfolk
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William joked that with all the baking, he's worried "about the waistline of the nation" as well.

“I think we’ve all eaten so many cakes and chocolate," he told bakery owners Paul and Teresa Brandon, according to the outlet.

“All the NHS team, they’re so grateful, all the local communities have been giving them loads and loads of sweets and chocolate, which is great for them," he added. “They must be enormous now and brushing their teeth five times a day, with the amount of sugar.”

Royal visit in Norfolk
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Both William, who celebrates his 38th birthday Sunday, and wife Kate Middleton made public engagements this week to help boost local businesses that have reopened in the last few days in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown.

During William's time at the bakery — which has been serving King's Lynn for 50 years and reopened on June 15 after 11 weeks of closure — he also spoke to members of staff about how the coronavirus restrictions have impacted the family-run business.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, he was told that the business had to furlough a number of staff members, but also about how it adapted its business model during lockdown by operating a delivery service to local residents. It has also been selling new lines of products to meet the demand for baking ingredients such as flour and sugar.

“The important thing is that shops like yours can get the footfall back in again and the High Street and town feel like it’s getting a little bit more back to normal,” the Duke of Cambridge explained.

Before William left, he made sure to bring home his family a sweet treat.

“I can’t come in here and not buy anything, so have you got any pain au chocolat at all?" he asked, according to the outlet, before joking, “My children will not talk to me if I turn up without enough.”

On Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge made her first public outing since the U.K. lockdown began at a garden center at Fakenham near Anmer Hall.

Royal visit in Norfolk
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At the garden center, Kate met the owners and staff and heard about the measures that they have had to take to enable the business to safely reopen. The family business was closed for seven weeks before reopening on May 15.

Earlier this week, William went on his first official public outing to an ambulance station to honor emergency workers who have been helping others amid the last few difficult months.

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