The royal dad is comfortable in scrubs!


McDreamy and McSteamy may be long gone from Grey’s Anatomy, but Prince William is here to fill the void.

William visited Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London on Wednesday, where he got a closer look at two top surgeons using advanced robotic surgical technology called a da Vinci XI machine. Dressed in a pair of light blue scrubs and cap, William — who serves as the President of the Royal Marsden, a hospital his mother Princess Diana worked with as well — the royal dad looked just like a doctor (or like he could play one on TV).

Though he’s not quite ready to hold the scalpel himself, William watched the surgeons operate on two different cancer patients. Observing the work of Professor Vinidh Paleri and his team, William said it all looked a bit like something a little more familiar: playing video games.

Royal visit to Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Credit: PA Images/Sipa USA)
Royal Visit to Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Images/

“It’s the same as the PlayStation gear,” William said after the surgery concluded. “You can see all the doctors have done PlayStation. They let me watch but not to have a go.”

William went on to add how impressive he found the robotic equipment that allowed the doctors to perform the complex procedures.

“It’s fascinating watching the robot work, it’s just so precise,” he said. “You see it so up close. You can really see how the human body is and how it works.”