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August 19, 2013 08:30 AM

Like father, like son – or uncle?

In a preview of his upcoming interview with CNN about baby George, his wife Kate and his current adjustments to fatherhood, Prince William said of his son, “He’s a little bit of a rascal, I’ll put it that way, so he either reminds me of my brother [Prince Harry] or me when I was younger, I’m not sure.”

Overall, said William, “He’s doing very well at the moment. He likes his nappy changed.”

The prince also said, “Catherine is very well, [and the dog] Lupo is coping … He’s been slobbering around the house a lot, so he’s happy.”

The interview – which aired on CNN’s morning show New Day – actually came from the upcoming one-hour special, Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope, slated to air on CNN and CNN International on Sunday, Sept. 15, at 10 p.m. ET.

William also said, according to the preview, that although he doesn’t necessarily enjoy being met by a barrage of press cameras, he did enjoy George’s unveiling outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London, when he and Kate first presented their newborn to the world.

I think I was on such a high anyway, and so was Catherine about George that really we were happy to show him off to whoever wanted to see him. As any new parent knows, you’re only too happy to show off your new child and, you know, proclaim that he is the best looking or the best everything.” said William.

“It’s not somewhere I enjoy being, I know that the position I’m in that’s what s required of me to do. … It s nice that people want to see George, so, you know – I’m just glad he wasn t screaming his head off the whole way through.”

William also acknowledged his and Kate’s break from tradition when it comes to the way they approach their duties, including parenthood. “If I can do it myself, I’ll do it myself,” he said. “I’m as independent as I want to be.” He added, “I don’t like fuss.”

According to press materials, William, as a conservationist, uses the special to discuss his work to save the world’s most endangered species. As a new father, he also hopes that in the future his son will be able to experience the same Africa that he and Harry did as young boys.

CNN royal correspondent Max Foster, who found the prince “passionate, frank and happy,” said, “So many parents will relate to what he’s saying. William isn’t just a big star, he is set to become head of state in 16 countries and here he is talking about his own successor for the very first time.”

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