Prince William drove to South London on a motorcycle for a game of soccer with friends

By Diana Pearl
March 19, 2018 03:55 PM

Prince William is embraced his daring side on the streets of London!

William did his best to go incognito on a Ducati motorcycle last week as he drove to a soccer field in South London, where he played a game with friends.

The royal dad’s face was mostly covered by his helmet, and he was dressed down in jeans and a gray riding jacket. William looked like a pro as he drove around in the Ducati motorbike, which goes for around $20,000. The bike is the brand’s Hypermotard model, and can go as fast as 130 miles per hour — though he wouldn’t reach those speeds in London traffic!

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Prince William
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After arriving at the soccer field for a game with friends, William shed his biker gear for a pair of soccer shorts and cleats to kick the ball around.

William has had a need for speed in recent week. He got the opportunity to test drive a bike during a visit to the headquarters of Triumph Motorcycles last month. There, he slipped a reflective jacket on over his blazer and sweater for a quick ride on the Triumph Tiger 1200. The royal has been open about his love of motorcycles in the past, though his wife, Kate Middleton has previously said that the prospect of William on a motorcycle scares her (not enough to stop him from doing it, however!)

Prince William visits the Triumph Motorcycles and MIRA Technology Park, Hinckley, UK - 20 Feb 2018
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Kate hopes their son, Prince George, won’t inherit his dad’s love of motorcycles. She said: “Hopefully, I’m going to keep George off it!”