"Everyone gets a reply if there is a return address," says a Palace aide

By Simon Perry
Updated October 31, 2011 08:35 AM
Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

How popular are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Wildly, if their fan mail is any measure.

William and Kate have received about 60,000 letters and cards of goodwill from members of the public in a deluge that began right after the couple announced their engagement nearly a year ago. The number of messages peaked again around the time of their April wedding.

“There was everything from posters made by classes of schoolchildren to cards sent by other members of the public,” says a Palace aide.

And many members of the public received replies.

A group of junior girl guides – called Rainbows – near Glagow sent a congratulations card, and then got word that the Duke and Duchess were “immensely touched” that they had taken the trouble to write.

Workers in the couple’s office in St. James’s Palace are still going through all the letters and cards in a bid to answer them.

“It will take quite a while for the small team to get to answer them all, but everyone gets a reply if there is a return address,” says a Palace aide.