"They want to go back and have a married life together," a palace spokesperson says

Credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty

After their action-packed tour of North America, William and Kate have told aides that they want a break.

The couple, who wowed Canada and Los Angeles over an 11-day visit, are determined to go “under the radar” and return to life as an RAF officer and wife.

The Prince, a search and rescue pilot, wants to concentrate on building up his flying hours and techniques, and Kate will start planning what kind of role she will take as a royal.

“Since they got married, they were on honeymoon and in London for most of June for family events and other events,” a palace spokesperson says. “They want to go back and have a married life together under the radar and enjoy their life in Anglesey – keeping things chilled.”

The spokesperson adds: “For the Duke, he is going for his flying captaincy which he hopes to get in early 2012 and will move from the right to the left seat. He needs to keep up his flying hours and there are some exams to get through, a lot of work needs to done and he has to dedicate himself to that.”

Meanwhile, Kate, whose interests includes “sports therapy and arts therapy,” is set to “determine what her interests are and whether she can actually make a difference,” the spokesman adds.

In the near future, they are facing a separation, as William is likely to be deployed on a two-month tour of duty to the Falkland Islands. And, in 2012, the couple will be busy representing Queen Elizabeth abroad to mark her 60th anniversary of becoming monarch.

The Queen has asked the younger members of the family to visit the realms of the Commonwealth at some point in the Jubilee year.