Prince William and Kate Middleton joined forces for one of their most important causes: children's mental health

By Erin Hill
December 06, 2017 07:42 AM

Prince William and Kate Middleton joined forces Wednesday for one of their most important causes: children’s mental health.

The royal couple, who are expecting their third child in April, attended the Children’s Global Media Summit in Manchester, where William is slated to give a speech on kids’ mental health.

The summit brought together delegates from more than 30 countries around the world to inform and redesign the future of media for this generation and explore the impact that digital technology will have on children’s futures.

It’s a cause especially important to William, who recently unveiled the findings from his Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying. Kate, who wore an L.K. Bennett coat over a red dress by Goat, has also long championed the cause.

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William brought together some of the world’s most recognizable names in media and tech, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and online media companies, as well as children’s charities and parents, to work alongside the panel of young people to find ways to tackle cyberbullying.

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In a speech Wednesday, William said: “We are all here today because we know that childhood matters. Parents like Catherine and me are raising the first generation of digitally-immersed children – and this gives us many reasons to be optimistic about the impact of technology on childhood.

“What we cannot do, however, is pretend that the impact of digital technology is all positive or, indeed, even understood.

“Like all of you, I believe firmly in the power of bringing people together, people with knowledge and passion, to tackle big issues confronting our society. That is what I did through the Royal Foundation when we established the Taskforce for the Prevention of Cyberbullying.”

Kate Middleton
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Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton
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The royal couple also talked to local students and met with some of the international delegates.

Kate joined a forum hosted by Sesame Street’s Workshop, the charitable foundation of the famous children’s TV show, on research commissioned into kindness – a method used to help very young children express issues of emotional wellbeing.