In his latest moves to fight for the mental wellbeing of young people, William is joining anti-bullying workshop on Monday
Credit: Ben Stevens/ZUMA

Prince William is to immerse himself in a campaign to tackle diversity-based bullying.

William, 33, is taking part in a training session on Monday morning that will focus on diversity difference and feeling safe.

In a visit where he will highlight the fight against bullying with the charity set up in his mother’s name, William will build on his recent work that highlighted the impact of bullying on a child’s mental well-being.

His visit with Diana Award – the charity set up in the name of his late mother, Princess Diana – comes as an online survey found over half of young people reported negative terms used to describe their appearance including ethnicity in terms of their skin color or physical racial features.

An overwhelming 76 percent reported not always fitting in at school, the Diana Award says.

In September, William took part in another workshop on combating bullying with the charity. It was part of his and wife Princess Kate’s ongoing campaign to boost care and support for the mental health of young people.

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William is to be at Bournville, Birmingham, on Monday, where he will also attend a closed practitioner’s session, to meet experts from across the anti-bullying sector to discuss the idea of a “Whole School Approach” to bullying prevention.

The charity says in a statement, “By the end of the day these young people will have the tools and guidance to set up a year-long social action project in their communities, aimed at fostering a better, safe and bully-free environment.”

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Tessy Ojo, Chief Executive, Diana Award says, William’s support will help foster safer bully-free environment that “Celebrates diversity, instead of being threatened by it.”

She adds, “These latest statistics highlight how overwhelming identity-based bullying is for many young people today. I am delighted that The Duke is helping raise awareness of this topical issue and reiterating the message that no one should be singled out as a result of their identity.”

The Diana Award was set up in memory of Princess Diana and her belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. It works to empower thousands of young people to tackle social issues that affect other young people using a well-tested peer-led approach.