Prince William is making a big impact in the tech world

By Simon Perry
Updated June 21, 2016 11:40 AM
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

Prince William is making a big impact in the tech world.

On the heels of his recent visit to the Founders Forum networking event last week, tech pioneers are singing his praises for bringing attention to an important cause.

The royal is urging the tech world to come up with easier ways to report online bullying and empower parents with the methods to get help. William s role as a dad of two has inspired his ongoing crusade against cyberbullying.

And he sees the initiative as part of his work with the mental health campaign, Heads Together, which he started alongside wife Princess Kate and younger brother Prince Harry.

“People were impressed with his ambition. When he takes on these causes, he doesn t want to make a small difference, he wants to make a big difference,” Brent Hoberman, who heads up William’s cyberbullying task force, tells PEOPLE.

The tech world “is very happy to see a very modern monarchy,” adds Hoberman, who invited William to the event.

“In side meetings, people were impressed with the way the Duke listened and added value and the way he adds gravitas, and uses his convening power in a serious way.

And much of his motivation comes down to being a parent to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

“Bullying is not a new cause to him, but having children now makes it even more important,” Hoberman says. “As he said in his speech, cyberbullying is something you can’t leave at the school gates and something parents and children and their peers are very confused about how to react to.

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“There is clearly a lot that can be done to make peoples’ lives better in this area – and he sees that.”

The royal’s appearance at the event also inspired Ivo Gormley, the founder of Good Gym, a national running charity where people meet up to exercise and help elders in their community.

Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry Launch Their ‘Heads Together’ Campaign

“Instead of exercising on your own on a treadmill, you can keep motivated by doing useful things for other people. Many of us run to visit isolated older people, those who don t see family or friends regularly,” Gormley tells PEOPLE.

Gormley praised William s efforts to shine a light on the need for safer social media practices.

“It’s really important and fantastic for him to make it a real focus of the day,” Gormley says. “As we get busier and are online so much, anything that can make it easier for people to live happier, less stressful lives is a good thing.”

William isn t the only one making strides in the online world. His grandmother Queen Elizabeth took to Twitter to express her gratitude for all the digital good wishes she’s received for her 90th birthday.