Prince William Hints at Baby No. 2

The prince made a telling comment while chatting to a local artisan in New Zealand

Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters/Landov

It may only have been a quip, a classic well-meaning comment made during a royal outing, but Prince William set off speculation that he and wife Kate are planning for baby no. 2 imminently.

The hint came as William told a woman who’d made a gift for his son: “You might have to make another one sometime.”

The remark came as William and Kate, who are on a three-week tour Down Under, were chatting to Cynthia Read, who had knitted them a shawl for their son, Prince George, on behalf of the New Zealand government.

Read told reporters on Saturday, “The way William said it was like he was dropping a hint, letting me in on a secret.”

The couple has made no secret of their desire give their 8-month-old son a brother or sister. But William’s comment Saturday came just a month after he told an army veteran at the Irish Guards’ St. Patrick’s Day parade that “one’s enough for now.”

Shawl-maker Read was asked if she believed the prince meant another royal baby would soon be on the way. “Maybe,” she replied. “I couldn’t possibly comment. Obviously if I’m asked to do another one I would be honored, but we’ll wait and see.”

Read, 61, who spent four months making the shawl, met the royal couple in Cambridge on the north island of New Zealand, where about 10,000 people had come to see them.

She added, “Kate told me they were really happy with it and George wore it a lot. But she apologized for not so far finding an appropriate event outdoors to wrap him in it.”

“I shouldn’t think he will wear it much more as he is nearly a little boy,” she said, adding, “It was wonderful to meet them, they were a charming couple.”

George was in Wellington with his nanny, Maria Borrallo, while William and Kate carried out separate visits to a factory and a hospice before teaming up for a walkabout and trip to New Zealand’s new velodrome.

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