Prince William appears on DIYSOS to help with Grenfell Tower renovations

Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

Prince William surprised workers on a TV renovation show helping to tackle the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London.

Wearing a hard hat and a safety vest, William, 36, grabbed a paint roller and got to work at a youth boxing club – and underlined why he and other members of the royal family have been helping to support the community where they can.

“It’s been one of the worst disasters in modern time in this country. Everyone’s been shocked by how brutal, how horrendous it all was. Everyone’s playing catch-up, trying to work out how do you deal with a truly horrendous situation,” he tells host Nick Knowles on DIYSOS, which airs on BBC One on Wednesday.

Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

“But for the community, they’re reliving it all the time so we need . . . progress needs to happen. The community coming together is the first, important part of fixing that. There’s still lots to do.”

Seventy-two people died when the tower was engulfed in flames on June 14, 2017. William, 36, Kate Middleton, 36, Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan Markle, 37, have all done work in public and behind-the-scenes to support the community as it struggles to find it’s feet following the disaster.

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Three years ago, William and Harry pitched in on the show helping volunteers and the BBC crew renovate homes in Manchester for armed forces veterans.

And just like his previous appearance on the show, William took on the role as painter. “I thought after Manchester you wouldn’t ask me back,” he jokes.

The Duke Of Cambridge Joins Crew Of DIY SOS For Grenfell Special
Credit: Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Knowles says that William did it so well, that they found more painting for him to do. “There was quite a lot of comment on social media about your painting skills,” Knowles says, in a clip released by William’s office at Kensington Palace.

The Duke Of Cambridge Joins Crew Of DIY SOS For Grenfell Special
Credit: Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images

“I imagine probably quite horrendous,” William replies.

‘The question was – did he finish the wall? And you did, you insisted if you remember.”

William adds: “We got to the end, all the way to the bottom.”

The show airs on BBC One in the U.K. at 9 p.m. on Wednesday.