Watch Prince William Go Into Total Dad Mode When He Meets a Couple of Adorable Kids

Prince William knows how to work a room full of kids

Photo: Alex B. Huckle/GC

Prince William knows how to work a room full of kids!

During a visit to a community hall on St Martin’s Friday, William put his famous dad move to good use and got eye-to-eye with a couple of adorable local kids.

As a young boy and girl showed him a painting they made, William said, “Did you make this? This is amazing.”

He continued to ask them about the artwork, pointing out the creative details.

“Is this the sea? Did you do the sea?” he asked the little boy, who proudly replied, “Yes!”

“It’s really impressive!” William told him.

The royal dad of two has plenty of experience when it comes to the squat-and-chat. He’s often spotted kneeling beside 3-year-old son Prince George – even if it has gotten him into trouble on occasion!

William and Princess Kate set sail earlier in the day from Tresco to St. Martin’s island on day two of their tour of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Although early morning rain impacted their full schedule, they didn’t let it dampen their spirits.

“At least it is good for the plants!” William joked with gardeners at the Eden Project while they were on the mainland earlier in the day.

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As a young boy, William happily splashed around the crystal blue waters and silver sandy beaches of the Scillies alongside brother Prince Harry and late mother Princess Diana – something that he was reminded of Friday afternoon on the island of St Martin’s by local resident Gladys Perkins, 89.

“I said to William, ‘You haven’t been here for a good while,’ and he said, ‘No,’ ” explains Perkins, who was sitting on a bench outside the island’s community center when William stopped for a brief chat.

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“I said, ‘The last time you were here with your brother you were only so high.’ ”

She added, “They visited as a family, William and Harry were quite small, but they were left alone. No one disturbed them.”

Perkins was one of dozens of St Martin’s island locals to welcome the royal couple to their picturesque island. While foggy weather had initially delayed the royal helicopter from making the 28-mile flight to the Scilly Islands from the English mainland, William and Kate arrived on the rocky outcrop under bright sunshine and brilliant blue skies.

Having earlier visited the nearby island of Tresco, the royals landed on St Martin’s by boat and donned sunglasses (Kate in tortoise shell Ray-Bans) as they walked along the main road – a winding country path lined with pretty cottages and bustling hedgerows.

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