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February 18, 2016 02:20 PM

It s hard to imagine Prince William doing the dishes, but it s even harder to imagine him using a towel with his face on it to do them!

During a visit to William’s former airbase in North Wales on Thursday, the royal, 33, caught up with a few of his former colleagues – and they shared a few fun details about working with the prince soon after he tied the knot with wife Kate, 34.

“He was so much fun and really down to earth when you were on shift,” Flight Sergeant Rob Linfoot, 35, said.

He also recalled how the crew teased their royal colleague by getting him tea towels and cups with his and Kate’s faces on them, which meant that William washed and dried the dishes with his own face!

“Everyone gets a named cup or a named badge,” Linfoot said. “I think people went above and beyond and got him a few extra bits and pieces.

“Always nice to have a bit of memorabilia around the room.

And just because he s a prince, it doesn t mean he didn t escape a few jabs.

Former colleague Master Aircrew Rik Maving, 55, quipped, “He hasn’t changed much apart from he’s lost a bit more hair.

“Hey, we’re all getting older.”

“I rib everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll get it with both barrels, he added.

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While stationed in RAF Valley on Anglesey, an island off the northwest coast of Wales, Flight Lieutenant William Wales – as he was known – flew 56 search-and-rescue operations, helping save 149 stricken people – while his new bride Kate set up their first married home together.

The helicopter search-and-rescue service that is coming to an end after more than 75 years of search-and-rescue operations at Royal Air Force Valley.

During the farewell reception, Kate said the couple had loved their time in Anglesey. “It was such a special time for us,” she shared. “It was the start of our life together, really.”

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