The royals are outdoing themselves on this trip
Credit: Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty

Prince William and Princess Kate‘s royal visit to Canada isn’t over just yet, but it’s already brought us enough picture-perfect moments to keep us going until Christmas.

Here are just a few of the highlights we’ve had on mental replay all week.

1. When they made their elegant arrival.
Basically, the world’s most epic quartet.

2. And Prince George shut down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s request for a high five.
He may be the top dog in Canada, but George isn’t impressed.

3. But Kate couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him.
I mean, who wouldn’t?

4. The Preen red dress that Kate broke out for a dinner at Government House.
Talk about a red-hot royal.

5. Kate wearing her go-to, 12-year-old leather boots.
From haute couture to the back of her closet, in 24 hours!

6. Will and Kate laughing together, smiling together, and basically looking more in love than ever.

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7. Seeing Kate hug this woman, who looked like she just had the best day of her entire life.
As any sane person would if they ever had the chance to hug Kate.

8. Getting a glimpse at all natural beauty in Canada.
The only way to make these gorgeous landscapes even more stunning is by dropping Will and Kate in front of them.

9. Watching Princess Charlotte discover the sheer joy that is balloons.
And having more joy in your heart than you thought possible at the sight of it.

10. When Princess Charlotte wore the same cardigan that Prince George wore to the hospital to met her back in 2015.
No offense to Will, but this is the best royal re-wear of all time!

11. This hug between Prince William and Prince George.
We’re not crying, you’re crying.