The royals kick off the Bhutanese leg of their journey – and prepare for a meeting with the Dragon King and Queen!

Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Prince William and Princess Kate arrived in the magical mountain kingdom on Thursday for the next leg of their week-long tour of South Asia.

Amid the magnificent culture and landscape of the Buddhist kingdom, they are set to have their long-awaited meeting with the young Bhutanese royals popularly known as the “Will and Kate” of the Himalayas – and awesomely known as the Dragon King and Queen.

The couple stepped off the plane following one of the most challenging touch-downs in the world. Known as a “captain-only” landing, the pilot has to maneuver the plane dramatically on the landing between mountains. (We bet Captain Wales would have loved a chance to take the controls!)

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They were then taken on a scenic drive on the way to the capital city of Thimphu. A welcome procession – known as a chipdrel was planned for their arrival at Thimphu Dzong, a fort monastery that houses the government, the throne room and the King’s offices.

The couple will have a private audience with the King and Queen – and perhaps meet the baby Dragon Prince, who was born in February and is expected to be named this weekend.

Later, William and Kate will experience Bhutan’s national sport, archery. Participants aim at tiny, brightly decorated wooden targets positioned 475 feet away. (We have a feeling Kate would be a natural.)

On Friday, the pair will tackle a challenging five-hour hike in high altitude to Tiger’s Nest – one of the most breathtaking temples in the world and also the most spiritual place in the whole of Bhutan.

“It is a magical place that The Duke and Duchess are thrilled to be visiting,” their spokesman said previously, adding that the trek “will allow them to get a real sense of the natural and spiritual beauty of the country.”