"What about last weekend? It was brilliant," William told rugby coach trainees on Thursday

By Simon Perry
October 01, 2015 04:00 PM
Steve Parsons/Startraks

Oh, the royal gloat!

Prince William and Prince Harry sat next to each other last weekend, supporting opposing teams as Wales beat England 28-25 during a highly touted match in the Rugby World Cup on September 26.

And William hasn’t let his little brother forget who was on the winning side.

The royal dad revealed Thursday that he has been “taking the mickey” out of Harry, who was cheering for England.

William, 33, told trainee rugby coaches in Cardiff he had been “milking” the result all week. “What about last weekend? It was brilliant.”

Gesturing to his chest, where the Prince of Wales s feathers emblem is embroidered on the Welsh rugby uniform, he added, “Normally I’m not on the winning team, but I was walking around with the white feathers and feeling really pleased.”

Giving his own reaction to the result, Harry, 31, explained his scowl towards his brother and Princess Kate last weekend as “just a laugh.” He told ITV News on Wednesday, “The beauty about rugby is you can sit next to a brother or friend or complete stranger, both supporting different teams, give each other a high five and hug at the end and move on.”

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William was in Cardiff to launch the Welsh Rugby Union’s Coach Core program, which will train 12 apprentices to become professional rugby coaches in deprived areas of South Wales.

And the prince used the occasion to get some practice in – well, as much as anyone could practice in a suit.

“Obviously I’m badly dressed for this,” he said. “If I had a pair of shorts and trainers I would like to play with you guys,” he said. “I will be sweating in two minutes.”

Afterward, 19-year-old apprentice Kyle Raubenheimer told reporters, “He said he had been taking the mickey out of Harry and was really pleased about the result.”

Asked about William s comments on the Wales-England result, Conor Prankerd, 19, said, “He said he had been milking it with his brother all week.”

Former England World Cup winner Josh Lewsey, who is now Head of Rugby at the WRU, was with William and said, “Prince William made a lot of friends in Wales by wearing the Welsh rugby shirt and singing the anthem.”

Coach Core was founded by the Royal Foundation in 2012 as part of the Olympic Legacy program, with the aim of boosting employment as well as the quality and availability of coaching and mentoring in inner-city schools.

Over a year-long apprenticeship, young people learn technical sport skills as well as employment and mentoring skills, allowing them to inspire other young people through the sport.

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