Prince William and Kate Middleon better update their resumes!

By Simon Perry
January 18, 2018 09:03 AM

Prince William and Kate Middleon better update their resumes!

During an official outing this week, the royal couple were so adept at chatting to young people living in challenging circumstances that they were offered the chance to work at a charity.

While bonding with teens at the Positive Youth Foundation in Hillfields during their visit to Coventry on Tuesday, they asked all the right questions, experts say.

“They were incredibly approachable and very well engaged – so much so I might even send them an application form for a job at the organization,” Rashid Bhayat, Positive Youth Foundation’s CEO, tells PEOPLE. “They were brilliant with the young people. They would be great to come and join us.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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He adds, “The questions that they asked showed they are very in touch with matters that relate to young people. I think that a future King of England is so in touch with the livelihoods lifestyles of young people. Both of them were exceptional at breaking down barriers in the young people.”

William chatted with a group about their musical tastes – and revealed some of his own (Linkin Park, Coldplay, Eminem) – while Kate asked insightful questions about the mental health difficulties of others.

Susie Murphy, development officer, was sitting around the table with Kate. “She was extremely comfortable about the kind of questions she was asking,” Murphy says. “One of them referred to the organization as a family, and Kate — as quick as anything — said: ‘Is family something you missed out on?’ The answer was, ‘I have family, but they don’t always necessarily get me. So if I have a problem, or want to find out something this is the place I come to.’ ”

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“That’s such a personal question and she wasn’t scared to ask it. But why not ask those questions – that’s fantastic. In response she got the answer she needed to formulate what is going on,” Murphy says. “Their questions were so insightful, so forward-thinking. You can tell that their questions were looking at 10, 20 years ahead in the country.”

When they left, the couple was given a huge bouquet of flowers, a T-shirt for William and a onesie for their third child, which Kate is expecting in April.

Bhayat adds, “I joked with her that the new baby will be a member of our family, too. She said, ‘I look forward to dressing our future child in this.'”

Just before their exit, the couple watched as some of the teens sang and danced for them. Sibby, 19, who led the singing, said Kate enjoyed what she saw.

“She said, ‘You’ve got great confidence and that was really special and you commanded the stage.’ I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness!’ ”

Sibby, who had been chatting with the prince, was taken aback when he told them of his own musical loves. “Linkin Park! Eminem! Of course we were surprised. Who wouldn’t be surprised? It is typical to think that the royals would like classical music and Beethoven. It was nice to get to know his tastes.”

Sophia Arnold, 18, said it was “phenomenal” singing for the couple. “As soon as they walked in I felt my heart beating really fast. When we spoke to her, it was just a breath of fresh air. They’re both so lovely and down-to-earth and I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting them to be lovely but not for them to speak to us so much.”

As the music stopped and one of the youth leaders asked a favor of the couple – to pose for a picture.

Kate looked relieved, put her hand to her chest and quipped, “I thought you were going to ask us to start performing!”