"It was quite easy to talk about anything," says Gareth Bradbury, who met with them at Centrepoint

By Simon Perry
November 15, 2018 11:42 AM

Prince William and Kate Middleton brought a “calming vibe” to their most recent visit.

Gareth Bradbury, 24, who shared his story of homelessness with Princess Kate on Wednesday as she sliced loaves in the kitchen at Centrepoint’s Quarry View hostel in Yorkshire, says, “They are warming people.”

Bradbury, a former foster child who came to the homelessness charity after finding himself “in limbo after university,” tells PEOPLE, “They have an almost calming vibe that puts you at ease. It was easy to talk about anything. Kate seems to really care about Centrepoint and asked me a load of questions on what support they offer and how I came to find it and where I’m going to go in the future.”

Charity chief executive Seyi Obakin was not surprised at how easy the couple made the young people feel — but was thrilled that both of them were at the visit, which charity patron William might normally have done on his own.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
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“Over the years, one of the things I have seen is this inherent ability he has to make people feel relaxed. And it’s a gift. I know a lot of those young people were nervous. I told them their nerves would fall away as soon as you meet him and that’s exactly what happened. He just has that knack and it’s great that she has it as well,” Obakin tells PEOPLE.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at Centrepoint in Yorkshire on November 14.
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“They spent far longer than we expected and hoped. That’s very inspiring for young people.”

Chelsea Jenkins said the couple are “very good listeners. William asked me about the obstacles that I’ve had in life. Centrepoint has helped me.”

The couple helped out in the kitchen, serving up a competition-winning soup to raise money for the organization.

Kate Middleton at Centrepoint on Nov. 14.

Obakin asked the royal couple if they could donate a recipe, and Kate suggested to William they send his version of pumpkin soup. “We’ll hopefully get it off them,” he says.

As the visit was the same day as Prince Charles’s 70th birthday, Obakin paid special mention of William’s father. “In the very early days of Centrepoint, when nobody new anything it, [Charles] visited a solitary service in Dean Street, Soho in London,” says Obakin. “At that time, he put the issues of young people and the challenges they face in the agenda.

“He went off and of course started the Prince’s Trust — and we work with them today.”