August 16, 2017 12:11 PM


No one is immune to back-to-school jitters — even royals.

On Tuesday, Denmark’s 6-year-old Prince Vincent posed for photos with his twin sister, Princess Josephine, and his parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, ahead of the twins’ first day at Tranegård School in Hellerup, Denmark.

And while Josephine was smiling with a red flower in her hair, ready to start her first day, her brother, who wore a blue button-down shirt and olive green shorts, seemed wary of the big transition.

Ole Jensen/Corbis/Getty
Ole Jensen/Corbis/Getty

During the official photo opp, the little prince’s eyes filled with tears. Luckily, mom was there to save the day, and bent down to comfort her son, giving him a hug and pep talk to reassure him.


All was well by the end, as Vincent wiped his tears away and managed a small smile for a family portrait. Missing were the twins’ older siblings Prince Christian (who is second in line to the throne after his father), 11, and Princess Isabella, 10.

Tears aside, we’re sure Vincent — and Josephine — will settle into their school days in no time!

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