John Stillwell/PA Wire/AP
June 02, 2016 04:10 PM

Queen Elizabeth II isn’t the only one who can defy her age.

Prince Philip, who will celebrate his 95th birthday on June 10 – the day before his wife’s second 90th birthday – was back on the job Thursday after canceling an engagement earlier in the week.

Touring New Belvedere House in London, a facility for homeless veterans through the Veterans Aid organization, he showcased his signature salty wit.

Mingling with veterans who were playing on a snooker table, he quipped to one, “When are they going to throw you out?” The reply? “As soon as possible.”

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The visit was the Duke’s first since he followed medical advice and canceled an appearance at WWI commemorations on Tuesday. Buckingham Palace said he was not hospitalized.

Veterans Aid aims to support former members of the armed forces before they reach a crisis point in their lives – whether from addiction, family problems or psychological issues – that can lead to homelessness.

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For those who do lose their homes, the charity provides them with a bed and help with training, employment, health issues and finding a permanent home.

Former Air Trooper Nathan Rooke, 25, described the moment he walked into the charity’s head office in central London and broke down because he was not used to the kindness shown to him.

At one point during his military career he was guarding members of the Royal Family while on duty at Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace and Windsor Castle.

“When I first turned up they took all my bags and told me to go downstairs and grab something to eat,” he said of the Veterans Aid staff. “I sat down there, got a meal, couldn’t eat all of it because I wasn’t used to eating full meals.

“But I burst into tears and said I wasn’t used to somebody helping me.”

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