Princess Victoria is just like moms everywhere!

By Erin Hill
Updated March 08, 2016 09:15 AM
Credit: Source: The Swedish Royal Court/Instagram

Just like proud moms everywhere, Crown Princess Victoria couldn’t resist taking (and sharing!) a sweet snap of her newborn son, Prince Oscar.

The royal, 38, captured the adorable picture, which was released by the palace on Monday, while her 5-day-old son was snuggled up and snoozing underneath a cozy cream blanket.

And following tradition, Victoria dressed the royal baby in a darling blouse with lace detailing made by her grandmother, Alice Sommerlath.

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Victoria’s daughter, Princess Estelle, 4, also wore a jumper made by Sommerlath for her first baby picture, which was taken by doting dad, Prince Daniel, 42.

The royals are enjoying their first week as a family of four in Stockholm’s Haga Palace. First build in the early 19th century, it’s a special home for young royal children.

And Victoria isn’t the only royal who can’t resist sharing the young family’s happy moments. Proud aunt Princess Madeleine took to Facebook to post a candid photo of her niece and nephew leaving the hospital with their parents.

With reporting by KATHRIN KELLERMANN