"His security is rubbish, I didn't even get Tasered," Alan Carr joked

March 03, 2016 12:25 PM

What’s it like to hit the dance floor with Prince Harry?

British talk show host (and, apparently, the world’s luckiest clubgoer) Alan Carr revealed that he did just that when he met the 31-year-old royal during a night on the town.

“I met him once at a nightclub,” Carr, who hosts the U.K. show Chatty Man, said on Lorraine Thursday morning. “He said [in an exaggerated posh voice], ‘Where’s your glasses!’ Like that, and I was like woo!

“We started dancing together,” Carr continued, raising his hands to the air. “And I got carried away and I pulled his tie and we were on the floor rolling. I mean, his security are rubbish because I wasn’t even Tasered!”

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The comedian joked that without his glasses, he could only make out a “ginger thing, like a fox, running across me shoe.”

Carr said that he would like to have Harry on his show because he seems like “a laugh.”

Of course, these days Harry is focused on much more serious business. Later this month he will make his first official visit to Nepal where he will meet with people who are in the process of recovering from last year’s devastating earthquakes.

But if you’re an American looking for your own fun run-in with the royal, you’re in luck – Harry is slated to attend his Paralympic-style Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida, in May.

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