"He sure knows how to have a good time," says one royal expert
Credit: Landov

Prince Harry‘s recent nude photo scandal may seem like a media disaster for the young prince, but one royal expert thinks it will actually work in his favor.

“Nobody goes to Vegas for a holiday – they go there to have a good time. And he sure knows how to have a good time!” royal biographer and Majesty Editor-in-Chief, Ingrid Seward, tells PEOPLE. “I think that’s what people love about Harry.”

Although the nude photos from Harry’s trip to Las Vegas are said to have been taken during a harmless strip billiard game among friends, the 27-year-old has been scrutinized for more serious gaffes in the past.

Dai Davis, the former head of royal protection services at the Metropolitan Police, says the incident is not to be taken lightly.

“He could have the pick of females but he shouldn t be doing it in a strange place with strange women as the consequences could be enormous,” Davis says.

“A guest of a royal is the guest of a royal. You can t stick them against the wall and frisk them for a camera. Everyone has a phone these days and it is very unlikely that they would have been searched,” he adds.

But Harry’s antics are just part of his personality, Seward insists.

“People see him as a bit of a lovable rogue. He embraces life with both hands and people love that,” Seward says. “Of course there [are] people who think – quite rightly – that he has got a life of great privilege and he should take responsibility. But he is the guy who is the hero of Afghanistan and an Apache-trained pilot, so he is very glamorous and he does a few crazy things that we can all relate to.”

While Harry’s nude jaunt may be overlooked by the general public, there could be consequences from the British Army and his family.

“He might get into trouble for bringing his regiment into disrepute. He is a paid, serving officer after all. The army likes them to blow off steam but not to be idiotic. Harry is answerable to his commanding officer if he believes he has brought the regiment into disrepute and the head of the armed forces into disrepute – which is, of course, his grandmother,” says Seward.

“If anyone has a word with him it might be Prince Philip. And if he has to apologize to anyone it is likely to be his father,” she adds.

But for now Harry may just be suffering from embarrassment.

“He is a young man having a good time and it has really endeared him to people and not done him any damage. But I think he may be very embarrassed,” Seward says. “His bodyguards weren’t guarding that body very well, were they?”