Harry has been a fixture at the matches since the world cup kicked off in late September

By Adam Carlson
Updated October 04, 2015 12:00 PM
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

The stands of the 2015 Rugby World Cup continue to be full of royals, as Prince Harry attended the Australia vs. England match Saturday night alongside his in-laws, the Middletons.

Princess Kate wasn’t there, but Harry watched the ultimately heartbreaking match with her parents, Carole and Michael, and Kate’s brother, James, as well as his friends.

England was knocked out of the competition with a 13-33 loss to Australia.

It’s been a rough go for Harry, 31, at the Rugby World Cup: Older brother Prince William, 33, has been “taking the mickey” out of him, after Wales, who William was supporting, beat England 28-25 last weekend.

Harry is the honorary president of the World Cup and vice patron of the body that runs English rugby. William is the vice patron of the opposite organization in Wales, the Welsh Rugby Union.

Prince William and Harry’s Brotherly Love

“The beauty about rugby is you can sit next to a brother or friend or complete stranger, both supporting different teams, give each other a high five and hug at the end and move on,” Harry told ITV News last week.

The brothers and Kate were on hand at the opening match of the six week-long series. Harry even had a blink-and-miss-it cameo, sans beard, in an intro video for the world cup.

“I have no doubt that all the highs and lows, the drama and tension, will create unforgettable memories,” he said at the cup’s welcome party.

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