Prince Harry Visits Vegas – Again!

The British royal went largely unnoticed as he swam and partied in Sin City this weekend

Photo: Courtesy Jasmine Jae

It was only a matter of time until the Prince returned to his playground.

After spending several days in Las Vegas while military training last November, Prince Harry was back in Sin City for the weekend, this time partaking in the day life with a small group of male friends.

And like any high profile bachelor, girls vied for his attention.

Blending into the crowd at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic, the shirtless British royal went largely unnoticed in his VIP bungalow Saturday, dressed in a red floral swim suit, sunglasses and a brimmed hat.

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Most of the crowd’s attention centered a few cabanas down as Jennifer Lopez hosted the party. As Lopez walked the red carpet a mere 20 feet from his bungalow, Harry hung back, with few people noticing the unassuming royal sipping Grey Goose.

Much like his previous Vegas visit, Harry appeared chipper as he stayed in his private area, chatting with his friends and several girls. Playing with an inflatable beach ball, he jumped in an adjacent private pool, floating on the ball for a portion of the day.

On Sunday, wearing similar attire as he did the day before – blue fedora hat, sunglasses, red floral swimsuit – the British royal sipped vodka drinks and beer and lounged in a red couch in front of his VIP bungalow at the 55,000-sq.-f.t Encore Beach Club pool party.

Often retreating to the cabana, Harry could be seen opening the French doors of his VIP area that view the famed Las Vegas Strip, as DJ Porter Robinson spun electronic music.

Unlike the previous day, Harry’s group started with a small group of guys and essentially remained that way, despite bikini-clad women partying just a few feet away.

“He blew up a few inflatable beach balls and playfully threw them at a few women close by,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “Most the women returned the favor, and most didn’t realize who he was.”

Returning for More

On Sunday evening, Harry and his posse of gentlemen took their talents to XS Nightclub’s Nightswim party. At a poolside VIP area, wearing jeans, a solid-blue collared shirt and barefoot, Harry spoke to one blonde girl before shedding his shirt and jumping into the water in his jeans!

He grabbed a friend and pulled him into the pool as well. Laughing, Harry made his way toward an oversized inflatable swan and climbed aboard. His friend pushed him over, obviously to “thank” him for taking him into the water with him.

Other friends joined him as they chatted with girls – Harry politely kissed one on the cheek – but generally kept to themselves. On one occasion, Harry threw a friend into the pool and followed it up by cannonballing into the water, all while still wearing his denim jeans.

As the DJ duo Manufactured Superstars spun the hits, Harry splashed around until about 2:30 a.m.

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