Prince Harry's TikTok-Famous Lookalike Dad Talks About Being Frequently Mixed Up with the Royal

Confusing strangers even more, Arkansas-based teacher and soccer coach Kevin Ganus shares that his father is named Charles and used to live in London!

Prince Harry has a lookalike, baby!

She may be only 1 year old, but Mary Ganus has already captured the attention and affection of the internet after her mom Betsy shared an adorable video of the toddler confusing a recent shot of the Duke of Sussex on the cover of PEOPLE for a photo of her father Kevin.

Betsy couldn't resist posting her first-ever TikTok video when the magazine arrived at their home in Arkansas because "it was such a large shot of Prince Harry, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, that looks so much like Kevin,'" she tells PEOPLE (The TV Show!).

"I've thought before, but I was holding Mary and I was like, 'Mary, who is that?' and she said, 'It's Daddy!'"

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But Mary isn't alone in mixing up her dad and Harry — Kevin, who is a teacher and soccer coach, has left plenty of strangers (especially in the U.K.) scratching their heads due to his uncanny resemblance to the prince.

"My parents lived in London for a few years, and I would go visit them," Kevin tells PEOPLE, "and one time I was in the airport, and a lady was just looking at me. She was staring me down. She definitely thought I was Prince Harry."

Adding to the confusion? Kevin's father's name is Charles!

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