The prince was welcomed by more fans and gamely took on – and dished out – a challenge
Credit: Tim Rooke/Rex USA

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Prince Harry is always up for a challenge. But he normally puts himself in the middle of the action.

On Sunday, he tasked a member of the traveling media with knocking back an oyster which he had just shucked during his on-going tour of New Zealand.

With the prince, 30, urging her on, Rhiannon Mills, from Sky News, gamely took the bait – and seemed to enjoy the tasty treat.

Harry was dabbling in shucking oysters on Stewart Island, which is about 20 miles south of the South Island. He’s the first member of the British royal family to visit the island, which has a population of just under 400 and is mostly covered by Raikura National Park.

There, he learned about pioneering conservation work being carried out in the region.

Then, he headed to Ulva Island on a water taxi to see the sun-spoilt rainforest, which is inhabited by a number of native birds that are rare or have disappeared altogether from the mainland.

Earlier in the day, after arriving at Invercargill airport on the mainland, he had come face-to-face with some wildlife – including a lizard-like reptile with a familiar name. Henry (Prince Harry’s real name) the Tuatara, a creature only found in New Zealand, was handed to Harry and looked agitated by the royal (and media) attention he received, but the beast, which is more than 100 years old, eventually settled down on the prince’s arm.

But his luck wasn’t always with him. Harry ended Sunday by popping out to the pub on Stewart Island, to take part in a quiz night. His team came second.

As in other parts of New Zealand, and last week in Australia, some fans couldn’t help but fawn over the prince. One even managed to plant a kiss on his cheek, while other handed him more gifts, including a soft toy green parrot for new niece Princess Charlotte.

Yvonne Gawn, 68, who stole a kiss, told reporters, “I didn’t plan to do that but I just grabbed him – he was so lovely.”