The prince will head to the mountains of Nepal to see what is being done to help the earthquake-hit area recover

By Simon Perry
February 25, 2016 10:10 AM
Chris Jackson/Getty

Prince Harry has been “moved” by the strength and resilience of the people who suffered from last year’s earthquakes that devastated Nepal – and now he wants to meet them.

The royal, 31, will learn about the steps being taken to rebuild peoples’ lives and restore buildings and infrastructure when he visits the country next month, his office at Kensington Palace said Thursday.

More than 8,000 people died in the earthquakes in the mountainous country last April and May.

Announcing the dates of the tour, from March 20-23, a spokesman said in a statement, “Prince Harry is really looking forward to his first trip to Nepal. It is a country he has long wanted to visit.

“He has been moved by the stories of resilience of the Nepali people following the earthquakes last year and is now eager to learn more about their country and culture. With Britain and Nepal currently celebrating two hundred years of cooperation, Prince Harry will experience the strength of the relationship and traditional warmth of the Nepali welcome.”

A USAID rescue worker inspects the site of a building collapse in Kathmandu, Nepal
Niranjan Shrestha/AP

The adventurous prince will relish being in the mountains and the stunning scenery and is set to take a trek in one of the country’s national parks, the palace said. His trip starts and concludes in Kathmandu, where Prince Harry will meet President Bidya Devi Bhandari.

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Nepal also provides the British Army with its fearless Gurkha regiment – and they have been helping with the assistance for the earthquake-ravaged areas.

Harry served alongside their soldiers in Afghanistan. So, he is set to visit the British Gurkha Camp in Pokhara, where he will commend the bravery and service of what the palace calls “an exceptional group of soldiers.”

And when he returns, Harry will help Queen Elizabeth mark her 90th birthday in April, and then be planning his next international – his attention to the Paralympic-style Invictus Games that is being held in Orlando in May.