James Whatling/Splash News
May 12, 2015 10:20 AM

While greeting well-wishers in New Zealand on Tuesday, Prince Harry noticed a familiar face in the crowd.

The prince, 30, reached over to hug his former teacher Vicki McBratney, whom he hasn’t seen in 18 years.

“My goodness, I remember you,” Harry said, according to The Telegraph. “Long time no see.”

McBratney and Harry became close after bonding over the loss of their mothers while the prince attended the Ludgrove School in Wokingham, England. McBratney’s first day on the job was the day of Princess Diana’s funeral.

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“Nice to see you, how are you?” Harry greeted McBratney, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “Nice to see you, are you all right?”

He then turned to McBratney’s three kids – Hayden, 11, Summer, 10, and Sienna, 8 – and asked, “Are these all yours?” before shaking each of their hands.

McBratney told reporters that she was “happy he recognized me.”

“I’m so glad the kids met him,” she said. “And he remembered me, which was really nice.”

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