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January 14, 2015 04:50 PM

With one simple tweet, Kensington Palace – home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as Prince Harry – joined the social media world.

(Accordingly, the collective trio just joined Instagram, too.)

In case they’re nervous about this whole social media thing, we’re offering a few easy Dos and Don’ts tailored to the royal lifestyle.

1. DO post Prince George’s first selfie.

This is how you break the Internet in good taste.

2. DON’T get into a feud with the Queen.

The no. 1 British royal actually beat the younger generation to Twitter with the account @BritishMonarchy. She’s 914,000 followers strong, plus she’s tweeting with the power of the British empire. She’ll win.

3. DO use your personalized hashtags.

The queen’s first tweet was accompanied by #TheQueenTweets. May we suggest #FutureKingSez, #ActuallyKatie and #HarryHere when you each take a turn?

4. DON’T use emojis.

They’re fun, of course, but one of the sacrifices that come with royal life is that you can never use a poo emoji. It would tarnish the crown, surely.

5. DO participate in #ThrowbackThursday.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but a lot of people have an endless supply of old photos to post on Thursdays. This is a slam-dunk for you all. Young royals + outdated hairstyles = social media gold.

6. DON’T forget that your followers aren’t as fancy and do not live in a palace.

Most tweeters use the service to vent about daily annoyances every now and then, but you should keep a stiff social media upper lip. No one wants to read tweets like, “Ugh, running late to receive dignitaries from a country I’ve never even heard of. #Mondays, amirite?” or “Can anyone recommend a place that makes a lightweight scepter? The jewels in ours make them too heavy LOL.”

7. DO tweet using the "royal we."

Who besides you has more of a right to the majestic plural? Besides, your followers would like to think that the three of you hang out together.

8. DON’T get hacked.

No one wants to see the young royals tweeting about belly fat removal.

9. DO tell us when Pippa visits.

We’re still keen on Kate’s little sister. Would a selfie with all four of you be asking too much?

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