The prince was a quick learner as he got the steps down in just 20 minutes on Wednesday

By K.c. Blumm
Updated May 13, 2015 12:35 AM
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty

Prince Harry is a quick learner!

The royal, who’s currently on tour in New Zealand, learned the moves for a traditional Maori haka war dance in just 20 minutes on Wednesday, reports.

On the fifth day of his tour, the prince was greeted with a nose-to-nose Maori hongi before he performed the special army dance (known as Ngati Tumatauenga) with a group from the Lindon Military Camp.

“Given the time restraints in trying to teach him, I know it was a bit difficult trying to learn the actions and the words, so I think he did really well,” said Warrant Officer Class 2 Brett Pene, who served as Harry’s instructor. “He got a bit frustrated here and there but that happens when you’ve only got 20 minutes to learn.”

But Harry did “really well,” Pene added.

After the dance, Harry, 30, enjoyed a hangi lunch (cooked using headed rocks buried in a pit oven) with a group of soldiers before playing a game of touch rugby with local kids.

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