Harry and Meghan's wedding is only a few weeks away!

By Diana Pearl
May 01, 2018 11:51 AM

There comes a time in every royal (or royal-to-be)’s life when they’ll hit an inevitable milestone: Seeing their face on a coin. And though Meghan Markle isn’t quite yet a royal, she just earned her own place in royal coin history.

The Royal Mint, makers of coins both commemorative and everyday, has released a new coin honoring Prince Harry and Meghan’s upcoming nuptials. The silver coin, which is worth £5 ($6.80), has a photo of Meghan and Harry gazing into each other’s eyes on one side and a picture of Queen Elizabeth on the other.

The photo depicted on the coin was taken at Kensington Palace, just after Harry and Meghan posed for photographers in the Sunken Garden after announcing their engagement.

The royal wedding coin
The royal wedding coin
Courtesy Royal Mint

The photographs helped Jody Clark, one of the Royal Mint’s designers, to create an accurate likeness of the royal bride and groom-to-be (complete with Meghan’s hand lovingly holding her fiancé’s arm!). Meghan is wearing her white wrap coat from Line the Label in the photo, while Harry is in a suit.

Chris Jackson/Getty

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Commemorative coins are quite the royal occasion: Prince William and Kate Middleton had one made for their 2011 wedding, Prince George has several, including one created for his birth, and another for his second birthday. Princess Charlotte got one when she was born, too, which means little Prince Louis likely has a personalized coin on the way.

The coin is now available on the Royal Mint’s website. Though it is actually worth £5 ($6.80), it is a more expensive to purchase. If you want a brilliant silver version of the coin, that will cost £13 ($17.69), while silver and gold proof options run at £82.50 ($112.27).