The pop star flaunted silver diamanté brows for her meeting with the royal at a London charity benefit on Monday

By Simon Perry
June 08, 2015 04:50 PM
Alan Davidson/AFP/Getty

Lady Gaga dazzled newly knighted Prince Harry in a silver sequined dress and matching diamanté eyebrows – how royally arch! – Monday when she performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall for a benefit concert.

As Gaga, 29, put her arm around his waist, Harry, 30, looking casual in a navy suit and white shirt, reciprocated and pulled in singer (and frequent Gaga collaborator) Tony Bennett, 88, to join them.

“We think you are fantastic,” Gaga told Harry as the royal thanked them for supporting his charity for gravely ill kids, WellChild.

Harry returned the compliment, telling Bennett, “I can’t believe you have the energy. I don’t know how you do it!”

Bennett also recalled Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, telling him, “Your mum was a good friend of mine. I did many benefits with her.”

“That’s fantastic,” Harry replied.

The big-hearted prince hosted a small number of families who are being helped by WellChild as well as some of the organization’s nurses at the royal box at the grand venue.

Flynne Ewart-Biggs, 15, from North London, who has been having treatment for a brain tumor for 18 months, was there with her WellChild nurse Diane Miles.

Ewart-Biggs told reporters, “Harry was a nice guy and it was fairly easy to talk to him.

“He asked me if I like Lady Gaga. He didn’t say he was a fan but I’m sure he is.”

Mom Katherine Bonner added, “Harry seems to have a really good understanding of the charity.”

In a press release, the charity’s chief executive Colin Dyer said the evening “will be a massive boost to our work.”

Dyer has told PEOPLE of the impact Harry has made.

“Most of our work centers around the family,” Dyer said. “The most important thing he gives to us is that time spent listening and understanding the situation the families find themselves in. That is not always easy for people to do when faced with a sick child.”

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