One little boy wasn't that excited to meet the 30-year-old royal
Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA

Prince Harry has been winning many hearts during his tour of New Zealand, but there is at least one person who wasn’t exactly thrilled at meeting the 30-year-old royal.

During a walkabout outside the War Memorial Centre in Whanganui, New Zealand, on Thursday, Harry stopped to greet 6-month old Sammy Kedrewaca, according to The Daily Telegraph. However, when the prince reached out to shake hands with the tot, the little child immediately burst into tears, much to everyone’s amusement.

“Harry said he was really cute then tried to shake his hand, but he got scared and started to cry,” Sammy’s mother, Emeline, told the paper.

“He just stepped back and said sorry, he was so lovely.”

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Harry’s charming moves didn’t end there. According to TVNZ, when it started to rain during his outdoor walkabout, the prince declined the offer of an umbrella after he saw that many of the people gathered didn’t have one.

The prince also honored Maori culture during his day out on Thursday, donning a korowai, a traditional cloak from the Ngai Tahu tribe. He also took a paddle in a waka, or Maori canoe, in the Whanganui River, which he called an “extraordinary privilege.”

Harry even gave a short speech in Maori, telling the gathered crowd that he had “special greetings for you all.”

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