He made the quip while talking to would-be long-distance runners at a training day

By Simon Perry
Updated February 02, 2015 07:15 AM
Credit: Stephen Lock/i-Images/Polaris; TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/EPA

To the title of cool uncle, add something new: Trainer-in-chief.

Prince Harry has quipped that he might get little Prince George running in order to enter the London marathon or at least have his parents push him around the course.

Harry, 30, was talking to would-be long-distance runners at a training day Sunday when he met Jane Fishwick from Shrewsbury, England, one of about 60 who will be taking part on April 26 to raise money for various charities backed by Harry, Prince William and Princess Kate.

As Fishwick, 59, told reporters, “I suggested he might like to run one, and he said there’s a little bit of a problem there, because he and William and Kate would all come under fire to do it if one of them does it.

“So then I suggested maybe they might like to train George up in good time and maybe they might like to hand the mantle on, and he said he thought that might be a good idea. He said they could push him round.”

The runners were being put through their paces by rugby players at west London’s Twickenham Stadium. Fishwick is running for the Injured Players Foundation, which helped her son Jack, 27, who was paralyzed after a game injury.

“Harry was asking about how I became injured,” Jack Fishwick said. “The IPF [Injured Players Foundation] have helped me and my family in a million ways.”

Dr. Mike England, director of the IPF, praised the prince’s involvement, “To have that support from Prince Harry is priceless. Whenever he interacts with us and with the clients, he’s always extremely relaxed and so natural.”