Charles joked about his youngest son's time in Australia

By Maria Mercedes Lara
April 30, 2015 06:10 PM
Danny Martindale/WireImage

Prince Harry is loving his stay in Australia, or at least that’s what Prince Charles seems to think.

Charles, 66, gave a shout-out to his 30-year-old son on Thursday during a speech at the Indigenous Australia Exhibition at the British Museum in London.

Harry is currently stationed Down Under with the Australian Defense Force, where he is, amongst other things, meeting with members of the Aboriginal community, playing wheelchair soccer with fellow servicemen and women and training with the Australian SAS.

“I suspect my old Harry is pretty well acclimatized by now and will probably be eating Lamingtons, Vegemite sandwiches, iced Vo-vo’s and Violet Crumble bars and may even threatening to buy a pair of ‘budgie smugglers,'” Charles joked during his speech.

“Whatever the case, ladies and gentlemen, I am sure he’ll be happy down under because of the Aussies’ fondness for ‘wrangers!'”

(For those unfamiliar with Aussie slang, a “budgie smuggler” is a colorful term for a Speedo, and “wranger” is a nickname for redheads.)

Charles probably got some time to catch up on Harry’s Australian exploits when the pair met up in Turkey last week to mark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign during World War I.

While we can’t speak for Australians’ love of redheads, we’re sure everyone would be clamoring to see the young royal in a Speedo.