Prince Harry Gives Off-the-Cuff Interview to Curious Kids: 'I Definitely Don't Rule the Country'

"What's it like being a prince? Good and bad," Harry told the children

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry was put on the spot by a group of kids in Guyana on Sunday — but he gamely tackled their “good questions,” adding, “you almost caught me out.”

The enterprising “reporters” from Joshua Children’s Home, where he visited on the last day of his 15-day tour of seven Caribbean countries, asked the 32-year-old royal what it’s like to be a prince and rule the country.

“Firstly, I definitely don’t rule the country,” Harry replied. “What’s it like being a prince? Good and bad,” he said in the chat, which was shared by his office at Kensington Palace.

“There’s lots of privileges of course that you get from when you’re born, but then with privilege comes a lot of responsibility. You’ve got to take the good and the bad,” he said.

He added, “Being a prince means you’ve got to enhance all the positivity, try and encourage people to see the good stuff about life.”

The children started by asking him to tell them about Buckingham Palace. “It’s one of our greatest landmarks,” he said.

“I don’t spend a lot of time there, sadly. But the Queen spends quite a lot of time there, and the food is delicious – and there’s a couple of thrones in there, I think, from years and years and years ago.”

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Then there was the question about how many maids work at the palace, which he answered after a pause: “Probably not as many as you think.”

But he moved the subject along to one of the royals’ favorite residences, Windsor Castle (where Queen Elizabeth retreats most weekends), asking them if they had seen it.

“That place is awesome, it’s amazing,” he said. “It’s a really big, really, really big castle.” But, referring to its proximity to London’s Heathrow airport, he noted, “Then you have planes flying over all the time!”

Harry visited the center, which supports vulnerable children, on the last day of his tour. He arrives back in the U.K. on Monday, and he’s expected to be reunited soon with his girlfriend Meghan Markle, who has been spending time with her well-dressed pup in Toronto.

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